• Welcome to Amtax, America's EZ Payroll & Tax Services®

What do you get ?

First of all, you get complete peace of mind!

  • Your documents will be picked up locally and returned to you immediately in the NY/NJ area.
  • A copy of your accounting data file each month in a disk.
  • If you use our real-time online Quickbooks accounting solution, you get complete access to your books at all times over the internet.
  • Pay stubs and checks mailed to your employees and vendors from New Jersey even though they are processed offshore.
  • Your own private login to our website where you can see a dashboard that has key information you need to run your business.
  • Summarized information with exactly the right categories that your tax preparer can use for preparing your tax returns.
  • Copies of documents you send to us are digitized and available for you to view at all times over the internet for as long as you like – we help you move to a Paperless office.